Adjustment Policy

The Adjustment Policy, referenced in Section 2.7.5 of the AMS Membership Agreement, governs the conditions under which stewards may request adjustments to their material reports and receive credits or pay debits for past errors.

Key features of the adjustment policy are:

  1. Sets a two-year time limit within which stewards may request an adjustment to a previously filed report;
  2. Provides guidance on the types of adjustments that may be permitted;
  3. Provides guidance on the types of adjustments that are not permitted;
  4. Requires stewards to be in full compliance with the program, before submitting an adjustment request
  5. Provides AMS with the right to engage a third party review of an adjustment
  6. Appendix A to the Policy sets out the steps on how to request an adjustment. An Adjustment Request Form is also posted on the AMS website.

Dispute Resolution Policy

The Dispute Resolution referenced in Section 8.2 of the AMS Membership Agreement, provides a mechanism by which stewards and service providers can ensure that their disputes are resolved efficiently and fairly. It sets out an escalation process that begins with notification in writing.