Annual Reports

2019 Annual Regulatory Report

Automotive Materials Stewardship (AMS) submits an Annual Regulatory Report that outlines its activities and program performance to the Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority (RPRA) each year by April 1. Click here to download the 2019 Annual Regulatory Report (click here to download the French report).

Click here to view Automotive Materials Stewardship’s previous Annual Regulatory Reports submitted to RPRA.

2019 Annual Report

We are pleased to share with you our third Annual Report showcasing AMS’s program performance, financials and accomplishments throughout 2019.

2019 Highlights:

• 165 members registered with the program.
• Met or exceeded our key budget and performance targets.
• Over 2,800 tonnes of used antifreeze and antifreeze containers were collected and recycled.
• Over 3,700 tonnes of used oil containers were collected and recycled.
• Over 8,200 tonnes of used oil filters were collected and recycled.

Click here to download AMS’s 2019 Annual Report

Past reports: