Make AMS your PRO

The AMS PRO is ready to assist producers in meeting their new responsibilities for recycling antifreeze, oil containers and oil filters.

As a trusted and experienced recycling service provider, AMS PRO offers producers a range of business advantages, including a smooth transition and continued compliance under the HSP Regulation.

Follow the steps below to complete your PRO registration, starting with the  WeRecycle Portal.

  • Once Step 1 is complete, Steps 2 and 3 can be completed in any order.
  • Under the new regulatory framework RPRA will confirm all producers’ obligation or exemption status as part of its registration process.
  • Note that the HSP Regulation requires each company to identify a Signing Officer who can legally bind your organization (they will also sign your Customer Agreement).

Contact the AMS PRO team for assistance with any questions: or 1-888-575-4870 ext. 325.

REQUEST INFORMATION & DOCUMENTS here – Prospective PRO customers can click and select from a list of PRO agreements and guidance documents.

Download our guide for How to Register for the AMS PRO

Existing AMS members with same Primary Contact

  • Log in to the WeRecycle Portal using current login credentials
  • Navigate to Register for Another Program under Account Management
  • Select AMS PRO and complete requirements
  • Add Signing Officer by either
    • Assigning a new role or
    • Add Another Contact

Existing AMS members needing a NEW Primary Contact for AMS PRO

  • Current Primary Contact logs in to the WeRecycle Portal
  • Go to Account Management and Register for Another Program
  • Select AMS PRO
  • Select New Contact on Primary Contact drop down menu
  • Enter new Primary Contact’s details
  • New user ID will be emailed to them directly
  • Add Signing Officer by either
    • Assigning a new role or
    • Add Another Contact

Companies new to AMS or the WeRecycle Portal

  • Access the WeRecycle Portal
  • Select Create an Account
  • Choose the Steward option and complete the required fields
  • Login credentials will be sent via email
  • Follow email instructions
  • Complete required fields (including most applicable sector)
  • Note your Stewardship Number
  • Register for AMS PRO
  • Complete Primary Contact information
  • Add Signing Officer by either
    • Assigning a new role or
    • Add Another Contact
  • Download the Customer Agreement from the WeRecyle Portal or complete request form
  • Review and complete Customer Agreement
  • Ensure it is signed by a Signing Officer
  • Login to the WeRecycle Portal and go to Account Management and select Upload a Required Document
  • Choose AMS PRO and document type
  • AMS PRO provides services on the same commercial terms for all customers, therefore, no clauses in the agreement can be altered
  • RPRA’s website will provide information on their registration process
  • See HSP section of RPRA website or contact RPRA: or 1-833-600-0530
  • Once you have your Registry ID, go to the WeRecycle Portal
  • Go to Account Management and select View/Edit Account
  • Choose Programs from the top menu and scroll to the AMS PRO section.
  • Enter your 8-digit Registry ID Number and select submit.