Regulatory Responsibilities

The Hazardous and Special Products Regulation designates certain materials, including antifreeze, oil containers and oil filters (automotive HSP) for producer end-of-life responsibility under Ontario’s Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act. The policy framework is known as extended producer responsibility (EPR).

The HSP Regulation, issued in June 2021, also specifies the obligated party (the producer) and sets out performance requirements, such as the establishment of a collection system, promotion and education, and resource recovery targets.

The Regulation enables obligated producers to choose how to comply with their obligations, including self-compliance or working with a registered producer responsibility organization (PRO). Producers that choose to work with a PRO remain liable for their performance under the Regulation and financial penalties may be levied the Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority (RPRA) for non-compliance.

RPRA maintains detailed information about the Regulation and its oversight activities on its website. Additionally, obligated producers are required to register with RPRA and submit reports, including annual supply information. Producers should direct specific questions about their recycling obligations to RPRA.