AMS is the Producers’ PRO

AMS is the Producers’ PRO

Ontario’s new regulatory framework for recycling automotive service materials creates new legal obligations for producers and introduces options for meeting their obligations.

Producers can establish their own recycling system or they can join a Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) like AMS to carry out their regulatory responsibilities.

Through its PRO, AMS is uniquely positioned to provide producers a low-risk, turn-key compliance solution built on a solid track record since we began serving producers in 2017. We offer a proven, industry-led option that will continue delivering reliable services and environmental performance.

Industry Led: AMS was established by producers, for producers, in anticipation of Ontario’s move to individual producer responsibility. Governed by members of the Ontario automotive industry, AMS has delivered full regulatory compliance with its program obligations under its approved Industry Stewardship Plan (ISP).

Not For Profit: Our structure has enabled board members to focus on doing what’s right for producers and the environment, seeking to make neither a profit nor a loss. We offer services as a PRO without the need for producers to provide new start-up financing.

Fee Rate Stability: A main goal for the creation of AMS was to provide published and predictable fee rates for the materials we manage. The promise will continue for our PRO service offering.

Reporting Service and Support: Producers and supply chain partners will continue to use the proven and secure WeRecycle Portal for online material reporting. And the Steward Services team will continue to assist with technical and administrative questions.

Supply Chain Performance: AMS has managed the collection of more than 49,000 tonnes of materials from 12,000+ service centres and hundreds of depots/events, coordinating with processors to achieve environmental outcomes.

Effective Advocacy: AMS regularly engages with regulators to advance member interests and collaborates with NUOMAAC and UOMA programs throughout Canada to conduct research and share best practices.

Want to Learn More?

A July 2021 webinar reviewed the services AMS offers through its PRO and why it is your best choice. The webinar topics included:

  • Summary of your new producer obligations
  • Key Dates
  • Review of the Customer Agreement
  • Registration and reporting processes

To obtain a copy of webinar presentation and other materials, click here.

  • Reporting and payment information for PRO customers is available here
  • Contact the AMS team: or 1-888-575-4870.

Make AMS Your PRO

Details about the three steps that need to be completed to make AMS your recycling compliance solution are available here.