AMS PRO Customer Reporting and Payment Schedule

Your First Report as an AMS PRO Customer

The first AMS PRO customer report will be for Q3 sales data (July 1 – September 30) and needs to be submitted to the WeRecycle Portal by October 31, 2021.

Before you submit this report, you will need to have completed the three steps in the AMS PRO sign up process:

  1. Sign into the WeRecycle Portal and register with the AMS PRO
  2. Register with RPRA to obtain your organization’s 8-digit Registry ID number and make AMS your PRO
  3. Download, sign and return the AMS Customer Agreement.

An AMS PRO Guidebook is being finalized to provide detailed guidance on how to report, material definitions and other useful tips. It will be made available on the WeRecycle Portal.


AMS PRO will continue with the reporting and payment schedule detailed in the below table:

Sales Data Period Report Due  Invoices Issued  Payment Due 
Q3 (July 1 – September 30)  October 31  November 1  November 30 
Q4 (October 1 – December 31)  January 31  February 1  February 28 
Q1 (January 1 – March 31)  April 30  May 1  May 30 
Q2 (April 1 – June 30)  July 31  August 1  August 31 

Fee Rates

Material fee rates for the Q3 and Q4 2021 sales periods were announced in June and are available here.