AMS announces prospective Q4 fees for AMS PRO

In recognition of the importance of providing producers with stable and predictable fee rates, the AMS Board has approved fee rates for the Q4 2021 sales period (October 1 to December 31) for prospective customers of the AMS Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO).

The fee rates for Q4 sales are unchanged from the prospective Q3 rates announced June 1.

Reporting and Invoice Summary

Final report for members of the AMS ISP:

  • Q2 sales data must be submitted by July 31, with invoices issued on August 1.
  • These will be the final reports and invoices for the AMS ISP.

First report for AMS PRO:

  • To facilitate a smooth transition, AMS PRO will continue with a quarterly reporting cycle
  • Q3 sales data is requested to be submitted by October 31, with invoices issued on November 1.

Webinar – Register Now to Learn About Our PRO Services

We look forward to keeping you informed about our PRO transition and invite you to participate in an information webinar on Tuesday, July 20 at 10 am ET. The webinar will provide details about our PRO offering – register here.