AMS announces prospective Q3 fees for AMS PRO

Recognizing that many producers require cost information prior to the beginning of each quarter, the AMS Board has approved fee rates for the Q3 2021 sales period (July 1 to September 30) to provide guidance for prospective customers of the AMS Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO).

The Board acknowledges the challenges created by short notice periods for fee changes necessitated by the delay in the regulatory transition. AMS intends to return to providing producers with predictable fee rates and ample notice of changes.

AMS will continue serving producers during the transition to Ontario’s new regulatory framework and intends to assist producers in meeting their new responsibilities after we register as a PRO.

PRO Transition

Immediately following the April 29 direction letter from the Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks advising that the effective date of the Hazardous and Special Products (HSP) Regulation would be extended by three months to October 1, 2021, AMS provided a fee schedule for Q2 sales under its current Industry Stewardship Plan (ISP) for recycling antifreeze, oil containers and oil filters.

Reports for Q2 sales must be submitted by July 31 and invoices will be issued on August 1. These will be the final reports and invoices for the AMS ISP.

When the final HSP Regulation is published, AMS will complete its work to operate as a PRO. Until the Regulation can be reviewed, the quarterly reporting cycle will continue and Q3 sales data will be due by October 31. Invoices will be issued November 1.

Producers will be advised as soon as possible about the process and details for joining the AMS PRO.

Fee schedule for Q3 2021 sales period

The fee rates listed below are unchanged from the base rates for Q2 sales. The fee rates will only apply to producers who sign up as customers of the AMS PRO. If the final HSP Regulation significantly affects PRO cost projections, AMS may be required to adjust the fee rates.

As detailed in our April 30 notice, the AMS ISP benefited from fee reductions from the application of MHSW surplus transfers. Final fee reductions were applied to oil filters for Q2 sales (reserves for oil containers and antifreeze had previously been depleted). Going forward, reductions cannot be applied to fee rates for AMS PRO services. Upon wind up, any residual funds will be distributed to AMS ISP members in accordance with their market share. Please see the AMS website for further information about past fees and fee reductions.

We look forward to keeping you informed in the weeks ahead and welcome your questions: 1-888-575-4870 or AMS