Fees and Fee Reductions

As AMS prepares to end its Industry Stewardship Plan (ISP) and transition to a new regulatory framework in 2021, the following provides current information about material fee rates.

The expected June 30, 2021, termination date for the MHSW Program and the AMS ISP was extended to September 30, 2021, following an April 29 direction letter from the Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks advising that the Hazardous and Special Products (HSP) Regulation will take effect October 1, 2021.

Fee rates for Q4 2021 sales

On June 30, 2021, the AMS Board announced its approved fee rates for the Q4 2021 sales period (October 1 to December 31) for prospective customers of the AMS Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO).

The fee rates for Q4 sales are unchanged from the prospective Q3 rates announced June 1 detailed below.

Fee rates for Q3 2021 sales

Recognizing that many producers require cost information prior to the beginning of each quarter, the AMS Board has approved fee rates for the Q3 2021 sales period (July 1 to September 30) to provide guidance for prospective customers of the AMS Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO).

Reports for Q2 sales must be submitted by July 31 and invoices will be issued on August 1. These will be the final reports and invoices for the AMS ISP.

When the final HSP Regulation is published, AMS will complete its work to operate as a PRO. Until the Regulation can be reviewed, the quarterly reporting cycle will continue and Q3 sales data will be due by October 31. Invoices will be issued November 1.

The Board acknowledges the challenges created by short notice periods for fee changes necessitated by the delay in the regulatory transition. AMS intends to return to providing producers with predictable fee rates and ample notice of changes.

The fee rates listed below and are unchanged from the base rates for Q2 sales. The fee rates will only apply to producers who sign up as customers of the AMS PRO. If the final HSP Regulation significantly affects PRO cost projections, AMS may be required to adjust the fee rates.

As MHSW surplus credits cannot be applied to fee rates for AMS PRO services, fee reductions can no longer be applied to the oil filter categories.  Any remaining MHSW surplus credits from the operations ISP will be allocated to members in accordance with the terms of the Surplus Transfer Agreement between AMS and Stewardship Ontario.

Fee rates for Q2 and Q1 2021 sales

Immediately following the Minister’s direction, the AMS Board took the necessary steps to revise the Membership Agreement and to approve a fee rates for the Q2 sales period (April 1 to June 30) under the ISP. Fee rates under the ISP for the Q2 sales period were not set previously as it was expected that the August 2 invoices would be issued pursuant to the new regulatory framework.

The table below summarizes fee rates for Q1 and Q2 sales. Fee reductions have been fully utilized for the antifreeze and oil container categories. Fee reductions for oil filters for Q2 sales have been reduced from the previous quarter due to the surplus balance.

Reports for Q2 sales quantities must be submitted to the WeRecycle Portal by July 31. Invoices will be issued August 2.

*Base fee and fee reduction adjustments for Antifreeze and Oil Containers announced February 26 left the net fee rate for Q1 sales unchanged.

Fee Reduction Background

AMS announced fee reductions for all material categories in July 2020 after receiving its share of MHSW Program reserves from Stewardship Ontario. Fee reductions began in August and were to continue through the first two invoices issued in 2021. Upon wind up, any residual funds will be distributed to AMS members in accordance with their market share.

Under the Industry Stewardship Organization Surplus Fund Transfer Addendum to the MHSW Wind Up Plan approved by the Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority, the following surplus amounts were received by AMS for each material category:

  • Antifreeze         $1.9 Million
  • Oil Filters          $8.7 Million
  • Oil Containers  $8.0 Million

Fee reductions to distribute the surplus amounts and net fee rates were detailed in the July announcement including quarterly changes for oil containers.

Consumer benefit acknowledgment
AMS members are reminded that as a requirement of the MHSW Wind Up Plan, any member receiving a fee reduction must acknowledge the Minister’s intent that the fee reductions will benefit consumers. Members will see the following statement on their fee reduction notices:

“By accepting this fee reduction notice, you acknowledge the expectation of the Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks that this fee reduction will benefit consumers.”

Reporting Schedule and Fee Rate History

AMS Unit of Measure (UOM) per materialAMS Unit of Measure (UOM) per material

This table summarizes AMS Report and Invoice dates:

Material fee rates since AMS began operating in 2017:

*Base rates before any applicable fee reductions

**Antifreeze fee rates: In 2018, the AMS board identified an opportunity to simplify administrative requirements for antifreeze stewards who participate in other stewardship programs across Canada by aligning AMS reporting and fee categories with those programs. The Bulk and Packaged antifreeze categories used for 2017 fee rates were replaced by three material categories: Premix, Concentrate and Containers. As outlined in the AMS ISP, containers of packaged antifreeze are included if they have a volume equal to or less than 30 litres.