Key benefits of joining AMS

  • Published and predictable fees: ISP is not subject to Ontario regulation 11/12
  • Up to $2.5 million in annual savings: ISP can claim input tax credits for HST
  • Prepared for the anticipated wind-down of Stewardship Ontario and transition to the Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act
  • Equal or greater environmental performance

Materials from the November 15, 2016 presentation:

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AMS Consultation Webinar – April 5 & 7, 2016

WDO has announced that they’ve received an Industry Stewardship Plan (ISP) from the Automotive Materials Stewardship Inc. (AMS) to manage antifreeze/antifreeze containers, oil filters, and oil containers. The ISP is available here.

Webinars were held on April 5 and 7, 2016 to introduce the ISP to stewards.

You can participate in the AMS ISP consultations by:

  • An online survey here; By visiting the Environmental Bill of Rights Registry (“the EBR”) once the ISP has been posted for comment; and/orBy phone or in-person by contacting Mary Cummins (
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