Municipal Depots & Events Programming

Many of Ontario’s municipalities have chosen to give their residents the opportunity to dispose of used oil filters, used antifreeze, used oil containers and used antifreeze containers. To provide these collection services, municipalities enter into agreements with AMS, and must adhere to collection site standards. Municipalities may choose to collect these materials at permanent Depots (year-round or seasonal), at special one day collection Events, or both. Some municipalities have residency restrictions in place and can only collect from local residents.


Depots mostly operate at municipal waste transfer stations, but could also be at other municipally or privately operated locations.

Depots receive payment for each hour of operation:

  • The payment rate is for all collection-related services, including, but not limited to, staff time for receiving and packing materials, facilities, overhead, administration and reporting
  • The number of hours and the hourly rate are detailed in the agreement between AMS and the municipality
  • AMS pays transporters and processors directly for the automotive materials collected through the Automotive Incentive Program (AIP)


Municipalities that operate Events are paid an all-inclusive flat rate per tonne collected:

  • $1,100 per tonne if located within five hours of the service provider
  • $2,200 per tonne if located more than five hours from the service provider
  • $200 per tonne if delivering the automotive materials to a depot for consolidation prior to transportation

The payment rate is for all collection and post-collection activities, including but not limited to promotion, event mobilization and logistics, staff time for receiving and packing automotive materials, transportation, processing, administration and reporting.

Municipalities are responsible for securing a service provider from AMS’s Approved Transporters and Processors list, which can be found here.