Material Fee Rates set for 2024

The AMS Board of Directors has approved material fee rates for 2024 that are unchanged from 2023 rates. The rates in the table below will apply to Q1 2024 sales quantity reports due April 30, with invoices issued May 1.

Fee rate stability for 2024 sales reflects the completion of the transition period and normalized operations for collection and processing of materials.

Material Category Unit of Measure 2022 Sales Fee Rates ($/UoM) 2023 Sales Fee Rates ($/UoM) 2024 Sales Fee Rates ($/UoM)
Antifreeze Factory-Fill Volume in Litres 0.09 0.11 0.11
Antifreeze Pre-Mix Volume in Litres 0.09 0.11 0.11
Antifreeze Concentrate Volume in Litres 0.15 0.18 0.18
Antifreeze Containers Volume in Litres 0.09 0.11 (Q1) 0.12 (Q2-4) 0.12
Oil Containers (HDPE and Metal) Volume in Litres 0.17 0.20 (Q1) 0.22 (Q2-4) 0.22
Oil Containers (Non-HDPE and Non-Metal) Volume in Litres 0.17 0.35 (Q1) 0.37 (Q2-4) 0.37
Oil Containers (Aerosol) Number of Units Supplied 0.17 0.35 0.35
Oil Filters less than or equal to 8” Number of Units Supplied 0.35 0.50 0.50
Oil Filters greater than 8” Number of Units Supplied 1.00 1.25 1.25

The AMS service team is available to assist customers with questions about fees and invoices: or 1-888-575-4870. Information on historic AMS PRO fee rates is available on the AMS website.