Join AMS

Joining AMS is easy and has a number of key benefits, including:

  • Published and predictable fees: the AMS program is not subject to Ontario regulation 11/12
  • Easy switch to AMS from Stewardship Ontario
  • Ability to avoid uncertainty of Stewardship Ontario wind-down process and timing
  • Annual savings due to ability to claim input tax credits for HST
  • Continued use of the familiar WeRecycle portal
  • No change to your reporting and invoicing schedule

Click here to download the AMS Guide for Stewards.


Fees will be calculated annually and posted on the AMS website by October 1 of the preceding year. The 2017 fee schedule is:

Product Category Fee Rate
Antifreeze Bulk$0.13/litre
Antifreeze Packaged$0.17/litre
Oil Containers$0.14/litre
Oil Filters ≤ 8"$0.50/unit
Oil Filters > 8"$1.00/unit


Follow these four easy steps to join AMS:

  1. Sign an AMS Membership Agreement
  2. Login and register with AMS on the WeRecycle Portal
  3. Upload your signed Membership Agreement to the WeRecycle Portal by March 15
  4. Verify your information, click save and you’re done!

A Voluntary Reporter Agreement is available for those who want to continue with this kind of arrangement.

Please note: March 15th is the deadline to join AMS before our April 1st program launch.

If you have any questions about joining AMS, please contact Steward Services at or 1-888-980-9549​.

Before the Membership Agreement was available on February 15, 2017, stewards interested in joining AMS were able to sign a Letter of Intent (LOI) to express their interest in joining the program. Click here to see the list of stewards who have signed a Membership Agreement.