Base fee and fee reduction rate adjustments for antifreeze and oil containers

Automotive Materials Stewardship is adjusting base fee rates and fee reduction rates for antifreeze, antifreeze containers and oil containers on the invoices for Q1 sales data to be distributed May 3.

The adjustments leave the net fee rate for each material unchanged. The base fee and reduction rates for oil filters are unchanged, maintaining the current net rate of $0.00.

Under the terms of the Surplus Transfer Agreement with Stewardship Ontario, AMS is using reserve amounts transferred from the MHSW Program to provide reductions in material fee rates to AMS members. AMS monitors the sales quantities reported by its members and, based on the recently submitted Q4 reports, adjustments to the base fee rates and fee reduction rates are required for the antifreeze and oil container categories to ensure the credits are not over-allocated.

The following table compares the current base fees and reductions to the adjusted base fees and reductions:

AMS base fees and reductions table
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