AMS Sets 2023 Fee Rates

The AMS Board of Directors has approved material fee rates for 2023. The rates in the table below will apply to Q1 2023 sales quantity reports due April 30, with invoices issued May 1.

Video Overview
Background and details about 2023 fee rates are available in a 10-minute video presentation from AMS Executive Director David Pearce. David also provides brief updates on the regulatory requirements and AMS activities.

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Fee Rate Changes
Fee rates for 2023 sales reflect increased costs for collecting and processing materials, particularly higher fuel prices. Service providers are also affected by labour shortages, rising fleet management costs and insurance premiums, which translate into higher costs for AMS.

AMS did not increase 2022 fee rates from 2021 to provide stability during the transition to the new regulatory framework, so 2023 rates cover two years of inflation and fuel price escalation. Higher costs experienced during 2022 were funded through reserves.

While program management expenses remained stable during the regulatory transition, the 2023 cost per tonne for transporting recovered materials is forecasted to increase by 27% compared with 2021. Material quantities are also expected to rebound following significant declines driven by pandemic restrictions.

New Oil Container Categories
For 2023, two new reporting categories and fee rates have been introduced for oil containers. The new categories for non-HDPE/non-metal oil containers and aerosol oil containers harmonizes AMS categories with other used oil management programs across Canada. For 2023, AMS has adopted the fee rates currently levied by SOGHU in Quebec.

table of 2023 fee rates for AMS

RPRA Reporting Reminder
AMS customers are reminded of the requirement to submit 2022 annual reporting data to the Resource Productivity & Recovery Authority (RPRA) and pay the associated program fee by October 31, 2022. RPRA’s Registrar is giving producers until July 31, 2023, to submit their first Verification Report of their 2022 data. Further assistance and up-to-date information is available on the RPRA website.

Questions and Assistance
The AMS service team is available to assist customers with questions about fees and invoices: or 1-888-575-4870. Information on historic AMS fee rates is available on the AMS website.