AMS PRO extends current fee schedule for 2022

The AMS Board of Directors has set 2022 fee rates for producer responsibility organization (PRO) customers that are unchanged from the published rates for Q3 and Q4 2021.

Rates for 2022 sales are summarized in the table below for each material’s unit of measure.

Material Category   Unit of Measure 2022 Sales Fee Rate ($/UOM)
 Antifreeze Factory-Fill Volume in Litres 0.09
 Antifreeze Pre-Mix Volume in Litres 0.09
 Antifreeze Concentrate Volume in Litres 0.15
 Antifreeze Containers Volume in Litres 0.09
 Oil Containers Volume in Litres 0.17
 Oil Filters less than or equal to 8” Number of Units Supplied 0.35
 Oil Filters greater than 8” Number of Units Supplied 1.00

AMS is committed to predictable fee rates by providing customers ample notice and works to maintain rate stability. AMS operates on a cost-recovery basis. If fee revenue exceeds the requirements of the program, any excess funds will be returned to producers through future fee reductions or adjustments.

Producers are reminded that their new regulatory obligations for recycling antifreeze, oil containers and oil filters take effect on October 1, 2021. AMS PRO is uniquely able to offer producers a low-risk, turn-key compliance solution built on a proven track record as a not for profit that has delivered stable fees and strong supply-chain performance.

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