AMS preparing to serve producers under new regulation

As Ontario prepares for a new regulatory framework for recycling hazardous and special waste, Automotive Materials Stewardship intends to become a Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) and continue providing producers with efficient services to meet their obligations.

With the wind up of Stewardship Ontario’s Municipal Hazardous or Special Waste (MHSW) Program by June 30, 2021, our operational responsibility under the industry stewardship plan (ISP) for automotive materials (used antifreeze and antifreeze containers, oil filters and empty oil containers) operated by AMS since 2017 will end at the same time.

Materials managed under the AMS ISP, as well as other materials included in the MHSW Program, will be managed according to an individual producer responsibility (IPR) framework. With IPR, producers can establish their own recycling systems or they can register with a PRO to carry out their regulatory responsibilities relating to the operation of a collection/management system for their designated materials, as well as preparing and submitting required reports.

The draft regulation to set producer obligations and guide the operation of IPR is expected to be released for consultation at the end of November and finalized in March 2021.

“Details about the road ahead will be clarified over the next few months, and in the meantime AMS is preparing to continue delivering value to producers and building on our track record of efficiency and compliance,” said board chair David Fifield. “As a PRO, AMS will provide a proven, industry-led option without producers having to create or finance a new organization. We want producers to know that we will be ready to assist them with their new obligations in 2021.”

AMS will keep producers advised about the new regulation and the implications for their businesses. More information about the ISP transition is available on the AMS website and questions can be sent to