AMS Disbursing Final MHSW Funds

AMS is disbursing payments to members of its Industry Stewardship Plan (ISP) that ceased operations September 30, 2021, following the recent transfer of $1.3 million from Stewardship Ontario’s administrative wind up of the MHSW Program. The transfer represents the AMS share of MHSW residual funds.

In July 2020, AMS received $18.6 million from Stewardship Ontario as its share of MHSW Program reserves and introduced fee reductions for all material categories to distribute the funds to ISP members. Fee reductions began in August 2020 and continued through the first three invoices issued in 2021. A portion of these funds were held in reserve and are now being disbursed.

Stewardship Ontario has posted on its website a summary of MHSW surplus fund fee reductions and disbursements, along with the approved Industry Stewardship Organization Surplus Fund Transfer Addendum.

This table summarizes, by material category, the funds received by AMS, previous fee reduction disbursements and the amount of current disbursements.

table of MHSW disbursement amounts

Disbursement Process

Disbursement amounts for each steward are determined in accordance with the methodology and conditions contained within the approved MHSW Wind Up Plan and the funds transfer Addendum.

Amounts are being issued as credit notes by default that can be applied to your upcoming AMS invoice in August or other outstanding balance owing. The credit notes will be distributed to members in good standing by email and also available for download from the WeRecycle Portal.

For Antifreeze, the total funds disbursed via fee reductions exceed the total funds received, due to actual supply quantities exceeding the AMS forecast. As a result there will be no credit notes applied to accounts related to Antifreeze.

If you have any questions or would like to provide instructions on applying your credit note to an outstanding balance, please contact