Benefits of Joining AMS’ ISP

By joining AMS’ ISP, you will:

1. Have published and predictable fees with per unit rates:

The AMS ISP will publish annual fee rates, providing predictability to stewards and helping to make budget forecasting easier.

The ISP is not subject to Ontario Regulation 11/12, which imposes a cost recovery methodology to finance the program. The ISP allows for the publication of an annual fee table to members in advance of each program year.

2. Take advantage of annual savings of up to $2.5 million:

The majority of costs incurred by Stewardship Ontario’s MHSW program (for paying suppliers, etc.) are subject to HST. However, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has made a ruling that prevents Stewardship Ontario from claiming input tax credits for HST paid. This means that fees charged to stewards include the HST paid by Stewardship Ontario. Steward invoices then include HST charges on the fee – in effect taxing the tax.

As an ISP program operator, AMS is eligible to claim input tax credits, which immediately reduces fee charges to program stewards. For the obligated materials, this amounts to approximately $2.5 million per year in aggregate.

3. Be prepared for the anticipated wind-down of Stewardship Ontario and transition to the Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act (RRCEA):

Members of AMS will have already transitioned from Stewardship Ontario’s MHSW Program, which will be wound up under Ontario’s new Waste Free Ontario Act. They will be well prepared to assume their new regulatory obligations under the RRCEA.

4. Contribute to equal or greater environmental performance:

AMS is committed to equal or greater environmental performance as compared to the MHSW program.